Parent Child Home Programme


The Parent Child Home Programme (PCHP) is a project that originated in America and has had 5 years of success in Dublin supported by the National College of Ireland. We are pleased to rolling out the Programme in Limerick.

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2 kids pchp nci backdropThe Parent Child Home Programme (PCHP) is “learning through play experience” for parents and their preschool children. It is designed to strengthen the natural bond between parent and child and to encourage a love of learning.  It employs a non-directive approach and encourages the parent as the child’s first and best teacher. This programme prepares children for later success in school. PCHP employs specially trained local people as Home Visitors, to model verbal interaction for the parent and child. The Home Visitor meets the family twice a week, in their own home, for two short (1/2 hour) visits, term time only.

The Role of the Home Visitor

PCHP family photo bethThe Home Visitor brings suitable books and toys to the home. Each week a new book or toy is introduced and the Home Visitor models reading and play for the parent and child. The books and toys are then left as a gift to the family to continue the learning in their own time. On the second visit of the week, the same book or toy is used again to encourage and promote use of the materials. A weekly report is written by the Home Visitor to record the child’s development.

The Role of the Parent

pchp- blocksDo you have a child aged between 18 months- 2.5 years

To be  willing to participate in a fun, helpful, programme.  The desire to help your child to be ready for school. Would you like your child to have access to more educational books and toys?

The Programme takes place in your own home at a time that suits  you, the parent:

  • 2 visits per week each about one half hour
  • Trained Home Visitors will come and use books and toys, together with you and your child  to help your child learn
  • Books and toys are gifts to the family
  • Free to families willing to take part

To apply

Please contact if you are interested in the programme or have any further questions.


And you don’t just have to go on our word- check out this article in the Irish Times about the project.

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